Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro: A Phone That Over-Delivers!


Xiaomi has set the benchmark for attractive and functional phones in a budget. However, with its new release of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the price tag seems to have taken a steeper route. With the higher $1,300 price tag comes the glaring question – Are the new features worth it? 


With the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro’s 6.67 inches diagonal display and 1080 x 2340 panel resolution with its Super AMOLED panel, the phone fares equal to other high end smartphones currently in the market. It also is paired with a much higher refresh rate of 90Hz, giving it a significant advantage over the average 60Hz refresh rate most other phones have. This simply means that now you have the liberty of switching between apps and scrolling through your social media in a much smoother fashion than before! 


With a 1080 MP camera, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro may have disappointed any camera savvy buyers who may have crossed its path. However, in bright lit areas the camera fares well and manages to take clear pictures with rich textures and sharpness. Its default mode also relies on pixel binning to give you the best possible outcome with every snap, giving you 27MP pictures. But with a more dim environment, you may find yourself clicking grainier pictures, even with the help of the pixel binning. The phone’s 20MP f/2.2 ultra wide snapper does save the day with brighter and clearer pictures than the main camera. And it even offers 50x zoom, which might be appealing, but may fall victim to the same grainy-ness as the low light pictures.

Battery Life

The Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro is equipped with a 4,500mAh power pack, which is quite an impressive package for a flagship phone, and the battery life also seems quite promising! You can use your Mi 10 Pro for a full day without the need for another recharge, even whilst messaging, streaming music or playing games on your phone. Even with the 90Hz screen option, the battery does not seem to take a heavy hit, and can power on for a long time! With its 50W speed charging, you can even fill your phone up to a whopping 27% charge in 10 minutes, and a full charge in under an hour. A reliable option for emergencies.


The flagship phone is equipped with the best processor currently available for Android phones, the Snapdragon 865 chipset. A benchmarking test shows it to beat the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus with its multi-core score of 3210! You will also be packing on an impressive 256GB storage, which is an impressive amount to be getting for you to store all your games, videos and pictures with no concern of reaching your limit. Despite the 8GB RAM, which falls short of the usually available 12GB or 16GB RAM available from its competitors in the market, the phone worked quite well with no signs of lag present. 

If a long lasting phone with promising specs and camera life is on the checklist for your next smartphone, then the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro would definitely be worth a purchase!


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