Volkswagen Launches New E-Commerce Platform in UAE and KSA


Volkswagen Middle East is taking its first step into complete digitalization by launching its very own e-commerce website available for their customers in the United Arab Emirates, and Saudia Arabia. The company’s new platform hopes to provide its customers with the efficiency and professionalism of visiting a car dealership within the comfort of their own home. 

The new website will enable customers to go through Volkswagen’s car catalogue and choose a car which is ready for purchase. The catalogue gives customers the options of Volkswagen family SUVs such as the Touareg, Tiguan and Teramont, or hatchback and sedan models which include the Gold R and Passat. Currently, Volkswagen has provided many of its new models of SUVs and various others including the Passet, Tiguan, Audi Q3, and Q5 to help the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services in its bid to supply medical equipment and supplies to both its workers and their families to help combat the spread of the global virus. 

With the same goal in mind for the contact-less purchasing website, the company will give customers the option to not only look through catalogues, but also provide them the option to access a personal chat with a dealership’s salesman who would walk them through all queries they might have regarding insurance policies and finances which pertain to their purchase. They can also get any consultation or advice they may need while choosing a car which would suit their needs perfectly. Potential buyers can also arrange test drives with the salesman, who will give them a time and date along with any precautions needed to keep in line with the COVID-19 precautionary measures.
A primary feature which appears to be the most convenient option to come with the e-commerce platform is the ability to make the purchase of the vehicle entirely online with absolutely no need to visit the vendor in person. A full payment or cash payment can be made online to the dealership, after which any other formalities to finalize the order will be communicated to the customers, making it an effortlessly convenient transaction! Although a bold initiative, a recent study conducted by the YallaMotor Covid-19 Car Buyer GCC has reported that 6 out of 10 GCC buyers have expressed an interest in the prospect of being able to purchase a vehicle online. This shows that there most definitely is a market for online vehicular purchases, making Volkswagen’s decision of an online platform a smart business choice.


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