UAE Residents can now make Free voice and video calls using Totok


Dubai: Good news for UAE residents who can now use the ToTok app to make unlimited free domestic and international voice or video calls.

ToTok is one of the UAE’s Internet calling applications that is rapidly gaining attention with residents for providing free video and voice calls over the internet. With no monthly fee to pay, or need of a VPN service, ToTok is currently offering chat and conference call options to up to 20 users. With this app, residents can communicate with their family and friends around the world without spending a dirham.

Since Totok is a free app and lets users make calls at no extra charge, most expatriates have already discontinued using paid calling apps such as BOTIM and C’ME. At the moment BOTIM and C’ME subscribers are required to pay Dh50 per month in addition to the data package while making calls using their mobile phones, and Dh100 a month for using the apps over their home wifi connection.

ToTok is available to download for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store without the need for an internet calling plan.


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