UAE Begins to use Drone Technology to Defeat COVID-19


With the COVID-19 pandemic digging its claws in every country around the globe, many governments have taken it upon themselves to fight it off with their strongest assets. United Arab Emirates has consistently used its advanced technology in its efforts to lower the curve and put as little risk to its front-line, essential workers as possible.

The Falcon Eyes Drone Services (FEDS), are a UAE based drone services company, which has been ranked 7th in the Mapping / Surveying and Inspection category in Top 20 Drone Service providers globally. This efficiency and rising technological advancement with drones make UAE a top contender in ensuring that they use the best drones in the market to help combat the deadly virus that has entered the country. The United Arab Emirates government has already been utilizing drones in a number of ways to spread awareness on and combat the virus.


The Sharjah and Dubai Police have been consistently using drones equipped with microphones to spread messages asking residents of their respective cities to stay home and practice safe social distancing. The messages have been broadcasted in a number of languages such as Arabic, English, Hindi and Filipino to reach a larger audience and ensure that the message is well understood.

The use of drones for public service announcements help keep authorities out of risk of going door to door and putting themselves at risk by having them visit multitudes of people to deliver messages.


There have been efforts by engineers within the country to help build robots powered by drones which would help in the detection of coronavirus symptoms without putting healthcare officials in the front line. The drone is equipped with multiple censors which are capable of noting down body temperature and even having an in-built alarm which goes off when the patient comes closer than the social distance requirements. These inventions could help detect early signs of the virus without having to risk healthcare workers.


During the national infection program which took place in Dubai to help disinfect the streets of the city, it was majorly done through the use of drones. The drones carried nearly 16 liters of disinfectant which can be used in the fumigation of large areas without the need to dislocate the local residents. These disinfection sprays are also said to be much safer than the suggested hand sprays.

Unlike the use of manpower, the drones also have the ability of spraying an area of around 120,000 square meters without any human contact needed.


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