2020: Top 6 Startup Incubators in UAE


Even for the most experienced, building a business from scratch is not an easy task. This is where Startup incubators come in. Startup incubators are an important part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in UAE. For anyone looking to launch their startup in the region, a startup incubator can be the helping hand that changes everything.

In this article, we’re giving you a round-up of the top 6 Startup Incubators in the UAE:


Launched by TECOM group in 2013, In5 is a platform to be used by both entrepreneurs and startups to help give their new and innovative ideas the extra push to get a competing place in the marketplace! With three innovation centres; Tech, Design and Media, it allows students and small startups alike access to labs, studios, and creative workshops which will help them run successful businesses.

FinTech Hive

Much like the name suggests, this incubator is great help for startups in the FinTech sector. Launched in January 2017, the Dubai International Financial Centre funded agency helps startups get their innovative ideas at the forefront to present to leading financial service organizations. They give access to investor networks and also marketing and PR exposure for your chosen business model. 


Launched in 2013, Turn8 has managed to fund and accelerate over 70 technology centered startups till date. With their eye on the next big tech idea, their growth accelerator program hopes to pick business ideas which are the perfect product to market fit in the MENA marketplace. With mentor and business development support, as well as investment, they hope to help individuals kickstart their innovative ventures 

Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Centre (DTEC)

With a keen eye out for candidates who want to venture into AI, urban automation and sustainability, to name a few, DTEC has proven to be very promising to the startups it chooses. Having funded over 100 startups in 60 countries worldwide, DTEC hopes to offer innovators in Dubai with a nurturing and helpful mentorship program to help elevate their businesses. 


With a strong belief in the saying that anyone can be an entrepreneur, Techstars equips its entrepreneurs with resources and opportunities fit to help them dominate and compete in the marketplace. The incubator agency is in partnership with GINCO, a leading engineering contracting firm. 


In the game since 2013, Astrolabs helped facilitate a holistic coworking space to its entrepreneurs in bringing together and developing the technological front in the MENA region. With their ‘make it happen’ motto, they help young and budding tech minds to grow their idea and help bring their startups to life. With perks such as an allowance of over 5 residential visas for your team and no registration fees for the first year, it helps ease off the troubles usually met by tech startups in the region, and helps facilitate mindfulness and full focus on their business ideas instead.


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