Top 5 Video Conferencing Apps To Stay Connected in UAE During The Coronavirus Crisis


The ongoing Coronavirus Crisis has put the whole world at halt. The United Arab Emirates has been on a 24 hour lockdown since April 5, 2020. With these strict travel restrictions in place, there is currently an increasing need for apps that allow remote communication.

If you’re a UAE resident looking for the best video conferencing apps, we got you covered. In this article, we break down 5 Video Conferencing Apps That Work In UAE:

1. Microsoft Teams 

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If you wish to sync data across platforms, then Microsoft Teams would count as an incredibly useful app for you. An addition to the ‘Office 365’, you can sync it to your email address and get invites to meetings and even have reminders added to your calendar to ensure that you never miss a meeting. Within the app, everything is neatly organized for your video conferencing needs. Any files shared via conference call are given their own designated spots so you have less time wasted on trying to find any important documents for yourself.

2. Zoom

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Ranked as a top contender for video conferencing, this application ticks all the boxes to ensure its users accessibility. Zoom has multiple perks, starting from a seamless live video chat option, with limited interruptions. Its screen share and file sharing features have also been incredibly useful for video conferencing purposes. You can also record your session whilst it happens to make sure that it is accessible to anyone who was not able to attend. Additionally, you can host up to 100 participants in your video conference.

3. Google Hangouts 

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With a clean and friendly user interface, Google Hangouts is a very easy to use platform which you could train just about anyone for with ease. It also is compatible with a wide variety of platforms, so you could suggest it to your friends and colleagues, knowing that it would not have compatibility issues. Along with a smooth video calling feature which experiences very few hang ups, you can also shift to instant messaging with the same ease.

4. Skype for Business

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A classic and widely loved video conferencing app, Skype for Business brings you the liberty of adding up to 250 participants in a video meeting for your ease. It is also incredibly convenient with its cross-platform usability feature with no hindrance faced by its users. There is also swift customer service for any of your queries, and quick bug fixes.

5. Blackboard

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If you are a teacher, or wish to conduct classes, Blackboard is an ideal platform for you. With its two-way video conferencing feature, you can have constructive conversations with your students and share various files without having to worry about compatibility issues. There is also ease in creating assignments and quizzes to share with students, and no hindrance to a collaborative class environment. It is also browser based, which ensures that no hefty applications need to be downloaded to be granted access.  


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