Snap reveals 3rd generation Spectacles with new design and two HD cameras


Snapchat today revealed the 3rd generation of its smart glasses, named Spectacles 3. This is an updated version of its augmented reality sunglasses with a sleek new design and two HD cameras for depth perception. The glasses, which Snap will be making in limited numbers is another step towards its goal to make the face the center of its new computing platform. The Spectacles 3 will be available in November and will retail at $380 (AED 1395).

At this price the Spectacles 3 are the most expensive version yet, more than twice the price of its last version which costed only $150.

Image: Snap

At launch the Spectacles will be available in 2 colours. Carbon Black and Mineral Beige. They come with a USB C cable and a charging case, which can store 4 full charges at a time. The Spectacles can be pre-ordered online through the official website at

Snap says that the Spectacles 3 have been inspired by the human eye. They feature dual cameras, designed to capture depth and dimension the way our eyes do.

The Spectacles can record high-definition 3D videos at 60 fps, with high-fidelity audio from the built-in 4 microphone array. The videos can then be transferred to your mobile through Bluetooth or WiFi and uploaded to your Snap app. As for now there isn’t way to transfer the Snaps taken from the Spectacles directly to the snap story due to technical limitations.


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