Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei P30 Pro – Best 2019 Flagships


So if you are buying a smartphone in 2019 and you want the best possible one, you are probably looking at the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Huawei P30 Pro. Infact we’ve been going back and forth between both of these devices and can’t personally decide which phone is going to keep our SIM Card.

So here are the facts.

Look and Feel

The Galaxy S10 Plus has a fresh new design. Samsung has thinned out the bezels and instead of using a notch like other smartphones, it has decided to use a camera cutout in the top right hand corner.

The P30 Pro on the other hand has very similar bezel sizes as S10 Plus, but the difference is that instead of a cutout they are using a notch on the top.

In terms of form factor, both the phones are pretty much the exact same size. The only difference is that the P30 Pro is slightly taller.


Both phones are rocking an in-display finger print sensor. You get an optical fingerprint sensor on the P30 Pro which is 30 percent faster than the one on the Mate 20 Pro.

However, on the Galaxy S10 Plus you get an ultra sonic fingerprint sensor which means it is a lot more secure. But here is the thing, secure is great, but when its not fast to login to your device it kind of defeat the whole purpose.

We were able to login to the P30 Pro significantly faster than it takes to get in to the S10

Content Consumption

Sound quality on the S10 is much better than the P30 Pro. With the S10 Plus you actually get 2 speakers, one in the ear peace and of course one on the bottom. When you pair them together, you get a stereo effect which gives you more immersive sound while watching content.

Also on the S10 Plus you get a headphone jack and we know its been beaten to death but its still nice to have. There will be a few situations where you might actually use it where as on the P30 Pro you’ll have to carry a dongle around.

The P30 Pro has a mono speaker on the bottom and it does get quite loud and actually doesn’t sound too bad. There is another speaker built in to the display but that doesn’t work when you are listening to music or consuming content. It only works when you are making or taking phone calls.

Here is the thing, when you pair the stereo speakers with one of the best displays on the market, the S10 Plus is essentially the best smartphone for content consumption.

The display on the S10 Plus is absolutely stunning. Its Dynamic AMOLED with HDR10 and QHD+ support.

The P30 Pro on the other hand is also AMOLED but its not as vibrant and punchy as the S10 Plus. In fact the P30 Pro is actually using one of Samsung’s display panels and is just a 1080p version, because if you put the phone really close to your face, you can actually see some of the pixelation.


One area where the P30 Pro absolutely dominates the S10 Plus is the camera. It has got three different lenses. The top one is your 40 megapixel main shooter, the middle one is 20 megapixels ultra-wide and then you have the 8 megapixel sensor which is a telephoto lense.

The P30 Pro camera has a 5x zoom, 10x optical zoom, and 50x digital zoom. You can basically creep on anybody with this device no matter how far you are.

User Experience

When it comes to software, we’ve got to give it to the S10 Plus. The Samsung’s refreshed One UI is actually pretty good. Its a nice refresh of their older Samsung Experience. They have refined it and made it stick to the android elements. It very much looks like Android Pie and its a lot cleaner than it used to be.

The P30 Pro is using EMUI 9.1. Huawei has put significant effort in improving the software and have fixed a lot of bugs, the result is a lot better than the previous versions. You can actually use it and not be too upset about it anymore. The only thing we don’t like about it that it looks a little too much like iOS.

Battery Life

The P30 Pro easily beats the S10 Plus in the battery life department. 4100 mAh on the S10 Plus compared to 4200 mAh along with a 1080 display on the P30 Pro helps it to be a lot more efficient. It means you are going to get more overall battery life out of the P30 Pro.

The S10 Plus has a pretty good battery life too. A single charge can get you anywhere between a day or a day and a half with moderate use, but with the P30 Pro you can actually get two days of battery life when fully charged.

You can charge the P30 Pro a lot faster too. Huawei’s supercharge is quicker than fast charging on Samsung’s devices and both phones support reverse wireless charging.


The last thing we want to mention about these phones is the performance. We didn’t notice a difference in speed between both of these devices. They are both just very zippy. No matter what you do in the menu, switch between different items or apps, both phones are just buttery smooth.

Now if you want to get geeky and talk about specs. You will get a Snapdragon 855 with the Samsung S10 Plus and a Kirin 980 on the P30 Pro. On paper the Snapdragon 855 is much more powerful but you’ll hardly notice it until you are rendering a video or playing a graphic intensive game. Overall most people can’t tell the difference in terms of performance as both phones are extremely fast.

So the big question. Which phone is better?

Well it all comes down to the type of person you are. If you are someone who values the best camera experience. You should go for the P30 Pro hands down. But if you are someone who loves versatility, having the best hardware features with still a pretty good camera, the S10 Plus makes a lot more sense.

Even though both phones are pretty bad at updating, Samsung is still more known to update their devices slightly faster than Huawei.


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