Samsung Galaxy S10 First Look and Key Features


It’s been 9 years since Samsung released their first Galaxy S series phone and they still have the lion’s share of the Android smartphone market. There have been leaks a plenty but there is nothing quite like the real thing. Now that we have finally got the chance to see their new Galaxy S10 phones at the Unpacked Event, here are some of the new innovations and features Samsung unveiled.

New Design

S10 takes inspiration from the Note 9 – Image: Matthew Moniz

It will be safe to say that Samsung has designed the new S10 in the image of the Note series. The horizontal camera setup at the back is clearly inspired by the previous Note devices. You will be able to choose from four new color options – Green, White, Black or Blue.

The front and backs of the phone are made by Gorilla Glass 6 except for the ceramic version of the Galaxy S10+. All S10 devices support wireless charging and yes that includes the regular variety and the new reverse wireless charging.

On the bottom you’ll also find a headphone jack, which rebukes the current trend of removing it.

Better Display

On the front you will find a larger display in the same form factor, thinner bezels and a new dual camera punch hole. This is the first HDR 10+ display and Samsung’s first dynamic AMOLED which supposedly means improved color reproduction and better sunlight legibility.


For all but the S10e, Samsung has ditched the regular fingerprint reader and included an ultrasonic under-display sensor on the phone. Samsung has done something very special with the fingerprint reader. It actually uses sound waves to judge the distance between the ridges on your fingerprint. This makes it faster and more accurate than current optical in-display fingerprint readers, like the one in OnePlus 6T.

They have also replaced the Iris scanner with 2D face recognition. It might be a little faster to unlock your phone through face recognition but its way less secure and no match to the Apple’s Face Unlock implementation.

Bigger Battery

Both the S10 and S10+ have larger batteries than their predecessors so we are hoping for much better endurance all around.

The Galaxy S10 has a 3400 mAh battery and Galaxy S10+ has now a 4100 mAh battery.

New Chipsets

The Galaxy S10 phones are some of the first devices out there with the 7nm Snapdragon 855 chipsets and obviously they are the first with 8nm Exynos 9820.

One UI

Samsung has overhauled their software and replaced it with something they are calling One UI. It is much more refined than their previous iterations and there are somethings you will notice right away. Like the new icons the gestures and the larger text headings that makes the handset easy operate with a single hand.

However, this is Samsung, which means there is still some bloatware and it will take some time for it to really tone down the overly crowded interface.

Triple Camera Setup

The Galaxy S10 phones include a new triple camera setup with a new ultra-wide lense, the familiar telephoto camera and the main variable aperture camera. Samsung is promising improved camera software processing too, including new super steady video stabilization.

Dual Selfie Cameras

On the Galaxy S10+ there is a regular 10 megapixel selfie camera and an 8 megapixel depth sensor. The phone supports a normal and a wide mode so you’ll be able to fit more people in your shots.

Higher Price Tag

The Galaxy S10 price is AED 3,199, which is around AED 100 more than the launch price of S9.

If you like the phone but think the price too high, you can for the cheaper Galaxy S10e for AED 2,699, or if you want to go for the top-end Galaxy S10+ with the gorgeous 6.1-inch screen and dual front cameras be prepared to part with AED 3,599.

If you pre-order the Galaxy S10 before March 8 in the UAE, you will be able to get the newly launched wireless Galaxy Buds for free with S10 or S10e models. If you pre-order the Galaxy S10+, Samsung is offering a free Galaxy watch.

A whole new Galaxy

For the Galaxy S10 series, Samsung has included a lot of new stuff, which makes sense. It’s the tick and the tock cycle, so this the tick of innovation.

For now we haven’t even covered the 5G phone or the full extent what the cameras are capable of – so if you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and we will try to cover them in the upcoming full review.


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