MG Motors Makes A Splash In The Automobile World


Causing a buzz in the automobile world, MG Motor UK has released limited pictures and information teasing their audience with the yet to be released electric sports car named the Cyberstar. With more information said to be revealed later this month, the images released seem to be artistic renderings which show that the design is in its earlier stages, but with quite a promising start!

The rendered concept art seems to hint to the historic British owned brand tracing back to its successful roadsters it was originally known for. A swift change from the more widely available cars in their lineup which feature sedans and crossovers. 

A collaborative effort by the UK and Shanghai team, the concept art features a two door roadster which is said to be completely battery and electric powered, which sets the tone for the exciting reveal by the company. With 5G connectivity and semi autonomous driving assist features, the car has a lot of the futuristic attributes to go with its out of the box design. Seen as a more compact vehicle, the images boast a long bonnet with a considerably short deck, with impeccable design details such as the large turbine-like wheels and distinctive tail lights. 

The plan for this release has been no secret, with multiple conversations emerging about the possibility of MG releasing a sports car. In 2014, Autocar had reported plans by MG’s parent company SAIC’s design studio working on ideas regarding a possible release for a compact sports car. Following this, in 2017, the brand also revealed their E-Motion concept, revealing a four seater electric sports car. It held quite a lot of promise with the E-Motion said to be powered by an in house powertrain which would have a range of over 310 miles and the ability to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just under 0.4 seconds! Although highly anticipated, the electric sports car which was said to enter production this year, might now be pushed back until 2021, although there have been no set decisions made on production dates just yet. 

It is no secret that MG tends to ensure their customer satisfaction with the more mainstream offerings in their lineups before turning back to the projects which work more so on what they hold near to their company’s roots, the roadsters! Although more information is yet to be released, they have definitely managed to pique everyone’s interest


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