LinkedIn Launches #MonthOfKindness


With the global pandemic still on the rise, people around the world have had to adjust their lives accordingly to practice safe social distancing. With the month of Ramadan having started mid April, muslims around the world have to experience Ramadan like no other, away from friends, families, and their places of worship. In these dire times, Linkedin has taken a step forward to bring about positivity through their #MonthOfKindness program. 

Planned to be launched in the MENA region, along with other key markets in Germany and the UK, the campaign hopes to bring together the LinkedIn community members and leaders to rejoice over the good in the world. The campaign will keep in theme with what the Islamic holy month stands for; peace, unity, health, kindness, family wellbeing and provide themes for the users to go through and share their experiences with relation to them. The themes will be different every week, and users are urged to post with accordance to the theme of the week, for coherence and concentration on one topic per week. The company called on all 675 million members of its community to participate in this campaign in the hopes of spreading a more positive outlook amidst the COVID-19 panic. 

Members of the LinkedIn community can share their inspirational stories with the hashtag #MonthOfKindness while recounting their participation, pledges and efforts of goodwill where they may have helped someone else in the form of colleagues, family members, friends, or even themselves, to bring positivity to the community. Other members can also engage with the stories, adding on to it with their own experiences and appreciation for the people around them. 

With the campaign’s fresh start, prominent leaders from across the MENA region have also shared what kindness means to them on Twitter, and how the the #MonthOfKindness campaign is important, in hopes of inspiring the community members to do the same. 

Ali Matar, the head of LinkedIn for the MENA region and Emerging Markets in Europe and Africa, emphasised the role the #MonthOfKindness campaign plays of bringing a more positive and light hearted conversation on the table for the community at a time of uncertainty and worry for people all around the world. He goes on to state, “ … we are also a community that crosses borders and continents, where kindness thrives; and where people connect, learn, and find much-needed career support. Now, we invite our members to share these stories of support and hope through our Ramadan campaign.” 


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