Infiniti Launches Online Bidding Platform In Middle East


The month of Ramadan is meant to be auspicious, with focus on giving and spreading happiness amongst loved ones. Infiniti Middle East has decided to do its share this Ramadan with its ‘Eyes on You’ campaign launching this month. In a bid to promote road safety, Infiniti Middle East aims to spread awareness within the community about the absolute need to practice child care safety in vehicles. 

With its annual auction, buyers from around the country will log onto an online bidding platform to place the highest price on the prized car, the INFINITI QX80, a rare collectors item which is not available at any of the Infiniti Middle East store rooms. The bidding will take place between the dates of 7th May to 9th May, with the starting price being a whopping AED 15,000 which will only go higher with the competitive bidding which is set to take place. Pre-registration for the auction is open before the auction date, so that users can receive an email notification right before the auction is set to begin. 

With the auction guaranteed to be a success, Infiniti Middle East has arranged for a portion of the sales proceeds of the cars sold to be used to purchase and donate car seats for newborn infants in 2020. A collaborative effort with the Dubai traffic safety strategies which hope to decrease road fatalities in the city by 1.5 for a population of 100,000 citizens by the year 2021. 

Although child seats are seen as a mandatory requirement by UAE law in every vehicle with a child present, a 2017 YouGov study has shown that 1 in every 3 parents in the UAE fail to install child safety seats in their cars. In fact, during a nationwide survey conducted by Infiniti Middle East for their ‘Eyes on You’ campaign, reports showed that over 50% of parents had no knowledge about the legal requirements of having a child safe car seat to be present in their vehicles, with 30% of the remaining 50% who were knowledgeable of the law, admitting to have broken the rule on purpose.

Infiniti hopes to use the spirit of Ramadan and their online bidding platform as an opportunity to instil a better and more positive driving culture within the United Arab Emirates which would ensure that the lives of the children who are travelling in vehicles daily is not being endangered. 


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