Gmail now lets you send self-destructing emails. Here’s how to send one.


One of the new features that Gmail has introduced is the confidential mode, which allows you to set an expiration date or nullify access for sensitive emails. Confidential mode additionally also prevents receiver from forwarding the email to other individuals, replicating or pasting anything from its contents, downloading the message or even printing it. Now, such self- destructing emails can be sent via Gmail or its app. This new tool is now available to everyone.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Open Gmail on your PC and click the compose button:

2. Now click the icon on the bottom right of the menu. It’s a small lock with a clock on it.

3. Choose the expiration date on which the email will self-destruct. The expiration date can be anywhere between 1 day to 5 years.

That’s it. Now your generated email will automatically delete itself after your fixed self-destruction time period ends. This also means that the expiration time begins right when you send the email, even if the receiver doesn’t open it.

Remove access before the expiration:

Also, if you want to cut off access to any confidential email sooner, you don’t need to wait for the expiration date. Just click on the sent folder of your Gmail, select any confidential email and click on the remove access button. The email will remain in the receiver’s inbox however; they will not have access to any of its content. Moreover, if you want to reverse your decision, you can again open your sent folder, select the same confidential email and click renew access button.

Be cautious of the screenshots!

Even with this confidential mode on the internet, you are never 100% safe. You need to keep in mind that people can still snap a picture or take screenshots of messages, photos or any other attachments of the sent email.


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