How To Backup Your Data on a Mac Through Time Machine


It is generally trusted that Macs are the most secure and trusted computers today. Unlike PCs, they don’t crash frequently and are better secured against viruses. In any case, in spite of their remarkable characteristics, Macs are as yet susceptible to theft, and even crashes. Fortunately, Apple offers a helpful path for Mac users to back up and restore their files in case of crashes.

If you are on a Mac, then you already have a great backup tool readily available called Time Machine. Time Machine is a backup framework software for Macs that runs in the background on Mac OS X Leopard or later. The software makes regular periodic backups in the following intervals mentioned below:

  • Hourly backups for as far back as 24 hours
  • Every day backups for as far back as a month
  • Week by week backups for earlier months

Suppose you’ve been working on a file for five days: Time Machine has periodically made backups of the alterations you made each day. So in the event that you have to recover a variant of a record with changes made on Day 2, you can do as such even after you’ve made various changes on the file from Days 3-5 since Time Machine stores various duplicates of the file from Days 1-5.

If you are replacing your Mac, you can without much of a stretch duplicate each of your files from your old PC to new PC, with your settings, records, and folders unharmed. What’s more?  In case you’re backing up information from a few Mac PCs, there’s no compelling reason to utilize a different device for every Mac if it has enough space for all files.

Setting up Time Machine for your Mac

To utilize Time Machine, you just need an external storage drive, for example, a USB, an SSD card, or any storage gadget that can be connected to your Mac. At that point take these following steps:

  • Connect the storage device (or macOS server) to your Mac. You will get following prompt once your external drive is connected.

  • Select ‘Use as Backup Disk’ (It’s suggested that you select Encrypt Backup Disk before you do as such, with a specific end goal to set up a password for accessing your backup)

In case Time Machine doesn’t consequently pop up when you connect an external storage disk, go to Time Machine by means of System Preferences or tap the Apple icon on the upper left corner of the menu bar, click System Preferences > Time Machine


  • Select the storage disk you’ve just connected, and then click ‘Use Disk’

That’s it! You are good to go. Time Machine will automatically backup all your data on to the external drive in regular intervals.


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