Facebook Smashes Records With A Brand New Gaming App


With the ongoing lockdown causing an air of desperation within the general public to try anything new to keep their boredom at bay, Facebook has decided to take advantage of the situation and release its very own gaming app. The Facebook Gaming App has been available for android devices since April 20th, and soon for IOS devices, once Apple approves of its listing for the App Store. The app has had a very promising outcome with over 5 million instant downloads. In the future, Facebook is hoping to compete with game streaming giants such as Youtube, Mixer and Twitch, by releasing its very own application – where users globally can broadcast themselves playing their favourite games, or even watching other people play their very own games, whether they do that live or with pre-recorded sessions. 

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Image Credits: Facebook

The app has been in the works for quite some time, and entered its testing stage in countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America for the past 18 months, to ensure a smooth sailing once the app had to be officially launched. An interesting approach used by the Facebook gaming app, however, is that the games you can play on the app itself are mainly mobile gaming. It is quite a unique thing to focus on, since many of the other streaming apps have no limitations on the kind of games you can play or stream.

However, with the growing accessibility of both Facebook and mobile games, it may rake in more viewers and gamers alike, since they would not have to purchase a separate console or accessories to take part in the gaming community of the application. Another ease of accessibility with the app comes with the fact that the app users can ‘Go Live’ from their respective smartphones, a feature which is lacking from other popular streaming applications, where you will have to rely on a third party software to help connect you for any live streams you may want to conduct. 

Facebook Gaming Streaming App Launches | PCMag
Image Credits: PCMag

Live streaming and gaming has also become a popularized mode of earning, so the question arises about the ease of monetization with the new application. However, Facebook has stated that monetization is still a work in progress with limited options, but fans do have the option of making one time purchases of ‘stars’, which allow for the live streamers to earn money.

Facebook’s growing user base and the fact that it lets you share streams directly on Facebook, streamers have a wider audience they can reach, which means that when monetization is eventually finalized, they have the option of earning quite a bit more than other streaming and gaming platforms. 


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