Competition for Zoom: Google Makes Premium App Meet Free


With the stay at home orders passed around globally, a lot of businesses and educational institutes around the world have resorted to online meetings to continue on with their work. Although Zoom and Microsoft Teams have proven to be popular video conferencing apps being used worldwide by millions of users, Google has decided to pick up pace by making their premium video conferencing app, Meet, free to use as well.

Initially released three years ago, Meet was a premium video conferencing application only available to paid users. Users were also required to sign in only through Google business or education accounts during the initial release period. However, now, with the growing use of online video conferencing applications, Google has also announced as of 29th April, that they would also make their services free. The current version allows you to get access without any payments required. It is also compatible with smartphones, with the app having an IOS and Android version for wider availability. 

Google मीट प्रीमियम वीडियो मीटिंग ऐप अब ...
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Users do need to have a Google account in order to sign into meetings, which may be seen as an inconvenience in comparison to its competitor Zoom, where you can join with any account at the click of a button. Although, Google has assured its users that this extra step is simply added for their own safety, and the step is a one time occurence, rather than continuously signing in. The app comes with slight constraints, such as a limited amount of users that can join for the meeting. Google Meet stops has a capacity of 100 users per chat room. Additionally, starting September, the Meet video conferences will not go further than sixty minutes. However, this restriction starts September, and users can have conferences for as long as they may need for the time being.

The additional security measures installed by Google Meet are also highly commendable, as it introduces features not given in other popular video chat applications. A popular one is having the control to admit or deny entry into the meeting, by the host. There are also no anonymous users that can infiltrate a meeting. The meetings are also encrypted, making sure that there are no data leaks or sharing by any third party applications. 
Although comparatively new to the market, Google Meet has gained quite a lot of traction with 3 million new users every day, and over a 100 million daily meeting participants currently using the application.


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