Amid The COVID-19 Crisis, UAE Ranks 1st For Mobile Broadband Speed In The World


With the COVID-19 Crisis at its peak, a lot of internet network users have had to resort to staying at home and heavily relying on the internet for all their various uses ranging from social interaction within social media apps or professional work through webcam conference applications and email.

For United Arab Emirates network users, it came as a grand surprise to be ranked first for mobile broadband speed in the world. The test was conducted by Ookla’s March Speedtest Global Index, where the site compares internet speed data globally every month. The data is collected and compared from its millions of tests conducted from its users around the world, and ranked accordingly. The rest requires a minimum of 300 individual users to be considered eligible for the categories presented, which are ‘Mobile speed’ and ‘Broadband’. Due to Ookla’s various servers sprawled all across the globe, the tests are guaranteed to be accurate with no need for additional filling of data since  there is a sufficient amount collected from the various locations. 


United Arab Emirates managed to snag the number one spot once again, from South Korea and Qatar in the Mobile speed category. The numbers were quite impressive, with a download speed of 83.52 megabits per second and an upload speed of 21.79 megabits per second. The ranking came as no surprise though, with the United Arab Emirates coming in first in the category three times in a row, maintaining its spot in the months of January and February as well. This goes to show that the added strain of multiple users on the local networks is not something that is interrupting the flow, and the local networks are managing to give the same high speed data to their users as before the pandemic. 

With equally as impressive results, United Arab Emirates also found itself ranking at #26 globally in the fixed broadband category, a feat many notable and  technologically competent countries such as Japan and Germany had failed to maintain. The results show that the United Arab Emirates had a 100.95 megabits per second download speed and a 51.17 megabits per second upload speed in the month of March, both impressive numbers which leave a promise for a hassle free experience ensured by network companies throughout the country.


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