6 Ways to Stay Under the Radar in an Online World


Internet is basically an entire world enclosed in the tiny or sometimes not so tiny, screens of our computers, phones, refrigerators and what not. Being at large in this very accessible world of digits, can be daunting for many – rightly so for the most part – but that does not help the fact that you need to have access to internet and provide one back to you as well in order to survive, at least socially.

Fear not though, for there are certainly ways developed to minimize your direct exposure to the world while giving you a perfect route for the online universe. A little on the sneaky side, but these ways will help you stay online and under the radar.

1. Minimal Social Media Usage

For your escape from the view of the society, you need to first shield yourself from it and that would be a difficult job if you’re overly active on social media.

To stay hidden from the general eye, minimize your social media engagement, which includes shares, likes, tweets and every other form of interaction.

2. Privacy Edits

If the above option doesn’t work for you, it would be best to edit your privacy from public to a selected few of your close circle of associates. This will limit the exposure of your activities to a wider range of audience and help you stay mysterious for the rest.

3. Go Incognito

If you use public computers often or share your computer with others, you might be concerned about being tracked back by the traces of the history of your activity online.

There’s a solution for this dilemma as well. You just need to opt for the Incognito mode in Chrome, New Private Window if you’re a Firefox user or for the archaic minded, opt for the Private Browsing in Internet Explorer.

This will prevent websites form getting a hold on your browser information and tracking you while you surf the web.

4. Third Party Cookies

Tiny fragments of information that help sites to remember your information, is what cookies do. Blocking them would prevent this from happening and aid in your quest to stay off the grid.

For the users of Firefox, block cookies from Cookies and Site Data section in the Privacy & Security panel in the browser’s settings.

For Chrome, access Content settings in Privacy section via Advanced settings, turn on the option of Block third-party cookies.

5. Hacks for iOS

Apple’s ability to track your internet usage can be removed from Safari.

This can be accessed via Safari Preferences in the Settings menu, from there, enable Prevent Cross-Site Tracking in Privacy & Security. Enable Ask Websites To Not Track Me and clear the history.

This should leave you cloaked from iOS tracking.

6. Hacks for Android

Disabling Google Backup and opting out of ads personalization helps in preventing Android to keep track of your activities online.

Google backup data can be easily disabled via Backup and restore inside of Cloud and accounts in the Settings menu.

Disable Ads Personalization via Ads Option in Settings.

These are some of the ways you can make sure to stay hidden from prying eyes while exploring the wonders of the world wide web.


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