5 Best Email Apps for the iPhone in 2019


Whether you like it or not, most of us use and probably rely on email pretty heavily for work. Now for the most part the stock Mail app on your iPhone is probably good enough, but for those who want more control and features with their email apps, we are going to cover some of our favorite email apps for the iPhone.

5Spike: Conversational Email

Starting off with our first email app, we have Spike (formally Hop). Spike claims that they are the world’s first conversational email app which basically means that they remove the clutter from the messages like headers, signatures etc. in order to be more efficient and productive with emails. The style is much more natural way of having conversations with someone. Aside from the conversational email, Spike also offers more human priority in your inbox by separating everything else like newsletter, updates, notification emails into another inbox so that you can read it when you have more time leaving your main inbox filled with messages from people you interact with more frequently.

You also get a unified inbox option which is quite common with pretty much all of the email apps. One unique feature that Spike has is that if you have a team at work or a group of family members planning a trip you can take advantage of the app’s group features and keep all your conversations related to that topic in one group. It’s kind of like group messaging for your iPhone.

One of our favorite features is the ability to add quick messages with a simple tap of the lightning icon. You can use one of these simple emoji responses or create your own slightly more professional response. It’s definitely a time saver. These features alongside email snoozing, unified calendar, encrypted messaging, cloud app integration, and much more is a good reason to give Spike a chance.

Download Spike from the App Store


Polymail is actually pretty similar to Spike with a few different features of its own that makes it stand apart a little bit. Reading an email looks pretty traditional in Polymail although a ‘comment’ and ‘mentioned’ feature is available from the desktop version of the app which seems to be more targeted towards teams at work.

The iOS app does have a few awesome features available like quick tagging or labeling of emails, read later and one that is hard to find these days – email tracking or read receipts.

You can also add calendar invites right from your email composer, have automatic follow-up reminders turned on emails you have sent, and also there is a one-click option to unsubscribe from newsletters and marketing emails.

Download Polymail for the App Store


Airmail takes a few features from our previous two email apps but has a more stripped-down and minimal approach in terms of the app design. Swiping from the left gives you a view of all of your folders and various sections which includes an integrated to-do list of sorts, as well as a snooze section and a separate section for attachments.

When inside of the emails the app doesn’t go too overboard with all of your options at the bottom, actually it really just gives you the most important 3, which would be reply, archive and delete. Once you begin to reply to a message however the features are much more present, like tracking, send later, reminders and email templates.

All of your other email templates and other options can be accessed by tapping the ellipsis in the top right corner this is called your action list which is full of options to choose from and can be fine-tuned along with the other features in the settings menu. This app is compatible with an absolute monster list of other services or applications to help you integrate your emails into the rest of your workflow and tasks.

Download Airmail from the App Store


Spark mail is a very well designed app. It probably has one of the best interface from this list of email apps. It’s clean and relatively minimal but still offers all of the features and buttons that you need to get through your inbox and emails quickly.

One way to accomplish this is to take advantage of Spark’s smart inbox. I’m not a big fan of unified inboxes but Spark does a good job of finding what’s most important and bringing those messages to the forefront. Also searching for emails with Spark is probably one of my favorite and best things about this app. Archived or not, you can practically find any email dating back many years with just a few keywords.

Other than that you get all the great features that a lot of these other email apps offer like send later, reminder to follow up, smart notifications and a large list of heavily customizable settings. Just about everything that you interact with can be customized to your liking.

Download Spark from the App Store

1Edison Mail

Finally our last app on the list and my personal favorite of the five is Edison Mail. We are just a big fan of the UI, mostly because it reminds of the stock Mail app on the iPhone but with a bit more of a modern look to it. It boasts a very clean look with no other distractions present.

One of the bigger drawers to us for Edison mail is its use of an on-board assistant that can help organize all aspects of your inbox and your life, like the subscriptions that you have, travel arrangements, bills or receipts, and my personal favorite a built-in package tracker. The assistant basically eliminates the need for a few other applications that you might need to keep track of those services. You get real-time alerts for flights and gain information or when a package is out for delivery and have all this information in a one-stop shop app like email.

Not to mention you get all of the features that have been mentioned in other email apps and even a few new ones like Face ID and Touch ID support to give you an extra sense of security with your emails.

Download Edison Mail from the App Store


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